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A serene blend of tiare petals and spiced sandalwood. This candle is a sensory journey to a tranquil paradise, where the delicate scents of vanilla orchid and tiare petals blend harmoniously with the warmth of the tropics. The rich, spicy notes of sandalwood, complemented by the deep, exotic allure of oud, enhance the floral heart of the fragrance, creating an enchanting, energizing, and utterly irresistible aroma. Perfect for creating a haven of peace and serenity in your home, this candle is not just a scent but an experience that speaks to the soul.

Top: Lemon Slice, Cardamom, Tiare Petals
Heart: Orange Blossom, Gardenia, Vanilla Blossom
Base: Cedarwood, Spiced Sandalwood, Oud


70+ hours burn time 

vegan ~ clean - non-toxic 

Coco apricot wax

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