Our candles are crafted with the most luxurious, highly concentrated essential + fragrance oils from around the globe. Free of dyes, phthalates, propellants and other synthetic ingredients, blended with our high-quality coconut soy and coco apricot wax blends, providing a long lasting + sophisticated fragrance throw that will fill your home with memories, love + inspiration.


Our wax refills are on the horizon! Once your candle has beautifully burned out, hold onto that elegant vessel. Soon, you'll be able to rejuvenate it with our signature wax refills. Together, we're making strides in sustainability, reducing landfill waste one refill at a time. Until then, repurpose your vessel as you wish.

Luxurious Vessels

Set the trend and elevate your space with our iconic vessels. Designed with an impeccable sleek finish and immersed in the season's most sought-after colors, our candles aren't just accessories, they're statements. Choose your hue and let your décor speak volumes. Be the influencer of your own space.

Self Care Sunday Collection