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Experience the essence of summer elegance with Auvreal Candle Co.'s Hamptons candle. Infused with the crisp, zesty aroma of lemon verbena and the earthy sophistication of thyme, this candle captures the quintessence of Hamptons' luxury. Its fragrance, reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons mingled with aromatic herbs, carries a subtle sweetness that epitomizes a clean and refreshing ambiance. Imagine yourself lounging in the Hamptons, a mimosa in hand, as you gaze out at the majestic Atlantic Ocean. This candle is not just a scent; it's an invitation to relive those blissful summer vacations, a perfect blend of relaxation and refinement for your home.

Top: Lemon, Lavender, Marine
Heart: Verbena, Citronella, Eucalyptus
Base: Orris, Musk, Cyclamen


70+ hours burn time 

vegan ~ clean - non-toxic 

Coco apricot wax

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