Auvreal Candle Co.

Eco Wool Dryer Balls


Made from 100% New Zealand wool, handcrafted by skilled women artisans and cultivated in a cruelty-free manner from happy sheep. Our eco wool dryer balls are a game changer! Made to keep your clothes soft and free from wrinkles. Cut down on drying time with a set and keep your clothes looking their best.

- 4 Wool Dryer Balls

Long-lasting, reusable, sustainable, and made without the use of harsh chemicals or ingredients. Pair with our all natural laundry fragrance for a light and fresh scent that will not irritate your skin. 

No unraveling and will last for years or up to 1,000 loads of laundry. Saving you money overtime.

Toxin Free & Hypoallergenic

Using wool dryer balls saves your skin from chemicals used in dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners, and it also saves your dryer from the residue left from these synthetic products.

Static Reducing & Fluffing

Your laundry will be soft, fluffy, freshly scented and static free.

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