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Fifth Avenue by Auvreal Candle Co.


Step onto your own personal runway with "Fifth Avenue" by Auvreal Candle Co. – the ultimate fragrance accessory for the queens of cozy-chic and the divas of decor. This candle isn't just a statement piece, it's a whole mood, blending the oh-so-luxe sweetness of pear nectar with the bold, sumptuous kiss of dark red Goji berries.

"Fifth Avenue" flips the script with a sultry mix of smoky, rich woods and a touch of charred hemp, crafting an aromatic narrative that's as unexpectedly sophisticated as a plot twist in your favorite drama series.

It's time to jazz up your space with a scent that's as plush and playful as velvet and vinyl. Picture this: you're lounging in your perfectly curated nook, walls decked out in art that speaks to your soul, cushions that are just as plush as your ambitions, and "Fifth Avenue" setting the scene for a night where you're the star.

So go ahead, hit play on that playlist that's as curated as your closet, and let "Fifth Avenue" wrap you in a cocoon of luxury that's as empowering as your boldest lipstick and as intimate as your secret diary. Because for the home decor aficionado with a heart of gold and a taste for the exquisite, "Fifth Avenue" isn't just a candle – it's a lifestyle. Light it up and let your space sing a song of lavish relaxation.

Top: Goji Berry, Black Pepper, Pear Nectar
Heart: Charred Hemp Leaves, Mirabelle Plum, White Oleander
Base: Amber Woods, Patchouli, Vetiver

Infuse the heart of your home with this high-end fragrance, for up to 120 hours


Hand poured and crafted in Chicago, IL

Coco apricot wax

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